When it comes to annual electrical testing this should be carried out by a qualified electrician once a year as a standard. The safety of the guests and families paying to stay in your holiday let should never be put at risk.

Our packages offer you to spread the costs over the year ensuring the work is done and scheduled to work around your bookings. You will also get access to our emergency call out team throughout the year.

You have constant peace of mind that your guests are safe and your property is not at risk, all at a price which you will find hard to beat.

Electrical conditioning report Annual safety certificate
Faulty untested electrical circuits can result in serious injury and at worse death. You also open yourself up to the risk of fire and exposing your property to the risk of invalidating your insurance. Electrical equipment and internal and external cabling will deteriorate overtime. Legally you have a duty of care to ensure your holiday home and guests are safe during their stay. Here is some considerations regarding your electrical safety for your holiday let and what you need to know.

Government guidelines and regulations for electricity safety applying to your holiday home
Electrical safety is the opposite to gas safety, currently there is no legal requirement for a landlord or holiday home owner, to obtain and renew an Electrical Safety Certificate known as a ECR “Electrical condition report”. But here is the catch landlords and holiday home owner is required, by law, to ensure that all electrical appliances, circuits and fixed installations within the property are safe and are not hazardous to their guests. Should in the unlikely event an injury or fire happen your safety record will be the first check.

“It is possible to do simple checks on your installation using an electrical socket tester. This is a device that can be plugged into a socket outlet to identify if there is a wiring fault. However, please be aware that many types of socket tester cannot detect certain types of fault, and could indicate the socket is safe when it actually isn’t.” Source hse.gov.uk 2019

As holiday home owners and landlords ourselves we recommended that you get a electrical safety certificate – ERC Electrical condition report by a qualified electrician ensuring the electrical items and equipment in your holiday let or rental property are safe.

How often should I get my holiday home electrically tested?
We recommend that all the properties that are on our books have this done annually, the reason for this is twofold. Firstly we wouldn’t expect our turnaround day staff to be working in an environment where they are potentially exposed to risk with such a consequence. Secondly as property owners ourselves we want to minimise the risk to the families and guests staying in our rented accommodation and holiday homes. You don’t need to do much research to find horrific stores of loss of life from unearthed bath taps to cable fires. We all have a duty of care to the guests staying in our holiday homes and rented accommodation. For the cost of a annual electrical condition report you will have peace of mind that you have taken every step to ensure your property is safe.

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